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 Nayru's Love

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PostSubject: Nayru's Love   Nayru's Love EmptyFri Feb 25, 2011 2:19 pm

Well, finally, the zrcs Spell HUD is complete! Along with all 3 of the major spells from Ocarina of Time.

Now, these spells work almost exactly as they did in the original game. However, I'm thinking about modifying Nayru's Love.

In the original game, Nayru's Love lasted for about 60 seconds, and its cost was equal to 24 zrcs magic points (The magic bar has 50, and will have 100 once the extended bar is unlocked). However, zrcs is designed for a PVP world, and 60 seconds of invincibility goes a long, long way for the user. The spell may be too powerful.

So what do you think the stats of the spell should be? I thought 30 seconds of invincibility at 36 magic points would be wise. But I'd love some input on this. Any proposals?
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Nayru's Love
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