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 Updated Information Sheet

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PostSubject: Updated Information Sheet   Updated Information Sheet EmptyThu May 05, 2011 5:30 am

Okay, so I'm feeling it's time we nip this roleplay thing in the bud a little bit. As a start, I created a notecard of some basic information and the backstory. Please read through and let me know everyone's thoughts on it.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ▲ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~▲ ▲~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The Legend of Zelda
Universal Roleplay


Welcome to Hyrule! This sim is dedicated to all things Zelda, and all of us here share a similar interest in it. Feel free to explore all ends of the sim, all areas from the Nintendo 64 Zelda Universe are accessible via the teleporters.

In the welcome area you will find a slew of free avatars and things, and information regarding our roleplay system.

Please take a moment to read through this notecard and gather any information you will need to enjoy your stay here in Hyrule.

--JT Eyre, Sage of Light.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ▲ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~▲ ▲~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Backstory as of May 3, 2011.

Story of Hyrule's Creation, According to the Great Deku Tree

"A long time ago...

Before life began...
Before the world had form..

Three golden goddesses descended
upon the chaotic land of Hyrule.

They were Din, the Goddess of Power.
Nayru, the Goddess of Wisdom
and Farore, the Goddess of Courage.

Din, with her strong, flaming arms,
cultivated the land to create the earth.

Nayru poured her wisdom onto the earth,
to give the spirit of law to the world.

Farore's rich soul created all life forms,
who would uphold the law.

These great goddesses returned to the heavens,
leaving behind the golden sacred Triforce.

Since then, the Triforce has become
the basis for Hyrule's providence.
Where the Triforce stood became sacred land.."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ▲ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~▲ ▲~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
It is now a time of turbulent peace.

Twenty years ago, The Hero of Time had travelled through time using a legendary sword, the Master Sword, to traverse time in order to defeat Ganondorf, the corrupted Gerudo King, who had gained the Triforce of Power from the Golden Realm, and bent the land of Hyrule to his will. Upon their final battle, Link landed a final blow on Ganondorf, and the Seven Sages used the opportunity to seal Gaondorf into the void between realms. Link was sent back in time to live his life the way he wanted.

The tides of time have washed over the land of Hyrule, and the tales of the Hero of Legend have faded with time, as peace took its toll on the land.

--The Races--


Hylians are humans with elfish long ears, stemming from the Royal Family themselves to the very residents of Kakariko Village and Castle Town. Their noble heritage is traced all the way back to Hyrule's foundation, and they live among Castle Town and Kakariko Village.


The women of the desert, they birth a male once every 200 years to be their ruler. Ganondorf was their king, before he was corrupted by the Triforce.
The Gerudo are now divided, between followers of Nabooru, Sage of Spirit, and followers of the former Ganondorf. However, they thrive on trading silks and travelling the desert exchanging wisdom and spices, as well as partaking in exotic dance and fighting styles only taught in the desert. The gerudo are also well known for their thieving skills among the land, and are hardly ever caught -- or seen for that matter.


The Kokiri, children of the forest in southern Hyrule, live as immortal children in hollowed trees.
After Ganondorf was exiled, the monsters had fled from the forest, and the children were able to resume a life of peace and solitude, free of the hustle and bustle of Hyrule. The children still do not traverse the Lost Woods if they can help it, unless to gether Odd Mushrooms, Fairy Bows and various Kokiri weapons and bring them to Hyrule Market to trade for other goods as well.


Zora are a fish people, who can breathe and live beneath the waters of Hyrule.
Once Ganondorf was exiled, Zora's Domain was free of it's frozen prison, and the youthful Zora and their great Zora King, were able to spawn, and repopulate, and thrive.. however as time passed, more zora began to migrate towards the ocean. The ones that remain also trade with Hylian locale, bringing fresh fish, blue flame and other freshwater delicacies.


Gorons are the mountain race. When they roll into a ball, they look like giant stones, with rock hard skin and hearts of gold.
Once Ganondorf was exiled, The gorons began a yearly cycle of migrating to Death Mountain during the winter, but they also had a fruitful time over the years thriving on the rocks from Dodongo's Cavern. The Gorons have also begun to make it a notion to stop by Hyrule's Castle Town in order to trade goods with the locals such as rare stones and minerals for mining, fine weaponry and clothing.


The twili are a mysterious race, their whereabouts are unknown, other than they come from a world of constant darkness and twilight. There is a dark mirror of every race that make up the Twili.
The Twili were a mere myth, a rumor to the people of Hyrule that came to fruition long ago upon the sighting of a strange portal over Castle Town. No one knows their origin for sure, but there have been more portals appearing throughout Hyrule.. The reason for their appearance? That has yet to be seen.


The Deku.. well, they come from the forest as well in allshapes and sizes. Little shrub sized creatures who can shoot nuts from their mouth and often do business with travellers.

--=Regarding RP Guidelines=--
This Hyrule Sim is dedicated to primarily Ocarina of Time roleplay, featuring elements of various other Zelda games including but not limited to Twilight Princess, Majora's Mask, Oracle of Ages/Seasons, and A Link to the Past.

We follow the Ocarina of Time timeline, after Zelda had sent Link back in time. Once ganondorf was sealed in the void between realms, Zelda and the Sages used their combined powers to restore the land to it's former glory, and the people of Hyrule were able to rebuild their homes and return to a life of peace and prosperity.

The story however depends on you, the player! Whether you decide to join one of the many factions of Hyrule and roleplay as one of the canon races, or as a creature of the Hylian bestiary, your contribution to the story is vital to the story's survival.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ▲ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~▲ ▲~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Points of Contact

There are Seven Sages, doubling as both admin roles and story characters, who are available for roleplay.

Sage Rauru
Sage of Light and Hylian Scribe
(JT Eyre)

Sage Saria
Sage and Protector of the Forest
(Saria Sixpence)

Sage Darunia
Sage of Fire and Protector of the Mountain
(Sykes Furse)

Sage Impa
Sage of Shadow and Last of the Sheikah
(Okamitenshi Resident)

Sage Nabooru
Sage of Spirit and Leader of the Gerudo
(Aelamasca Aluveaux)

Sage Ruto
Sage of Water and Zora Princess
(Aramil Silvercloud)

Sage Zelda
Sage of Time and Hylian Princess
(Azaria Draconia)

Zelda's Alter Image, Watcher from the Shadows
(Sanaka Katana)

Sim Owner:
Ora Varthader

Sim Administrators
Brache Spyker
BeardedDragon Katana
DoomRater Resident
Miyagi Andel

Sim Builders
JT Eyre
Ora Varthader
Saria Sixpence
Sykes Furse

Carter Marenwolf

These are all valid points of contact for Sim related questions.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ▲ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~▲ ▲~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Important Information:
(rule notecards go here)

If you have a group of roleplayers interested in a similar goal, create a faction!
(faction app)

If you want to have a specific character approved for the roleplay, use this form!
(character app)

If you want to roleplay a canon character, use this form!
(canon char app)

If you have a specific idea for a roleplay, use this form!
(RP idea form)

Hyrulean Historians

The Legend of Zelda Roleplay Group

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ▲ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~▲ ▲~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Thanks, and enjoy your stay in Hyrule!

I need everyone's input on this to finalize it so we can give this to players entering the sim.
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Updated Information Sheet Empty
PostSubject: Re: Updated Information Sheet   Updated Information Sheet EmptyFri May 06, 2011 5:46 am

I hate using library computers.

I'd like to ask any sages if they have anything else they would like to contribute to their race info. Saria will be happy to rewrite the Kokiri Thesis to accomodate the idea that Kokiri can leave their homes, though she has personally remembered it another way.

Speaking of the Kokiri Thesis, this is the single most important document she needs to write at the moment. Now that we have an idea of what's going to be allowed for Kokiri, and what sort of tolerance other races should have for them, a document describing their inner workings can be constructed. I'm suggesting she take the route she has blessed her race with the power to leave unharmed, after her own near death experience and amnesia during the Great War. Or worked somethign out with the Sprout. In any case, the biological data in the current thesis is terribly out of date and does not account for the evolutionary patterns we see in Wind Waker. The new thesis will.

I do not suggest that each person MUST have a thesis, but even something general on their culture, habits, and how one should behave around them to not offend them would help. We're going overkill on the problem because of how big a deal this is to her.
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PostSubject: Re: Updated Information Sheet   Updated Information Sheet EmptyFri May 06, 2011 5:59 am

I think we need to think about what our goal is in having an RP situation. Because it's not mandatory means we will be seeing OoC users intermingled in areas and even those IC may tend to be more casual about it.

Considering this, I think we could get by with having Kokiri be permitted to leave the forest. Write in that it has to do with Ganon being sealed or just say "lol I forgot", but either way I think there wouldn't be any huge complaints coming in, considering we allow Twili so openly as well.

But actually, that sort of made me think of something. Should we have certain areas that are labelled "This is an RP area, please wear an OoC tag and respect the players"? Maybe leave the field and castle town as is, but over in Kokiri Village and other extremities we can try and give the RP-hungry some more safe boundaries to just enjoy and call their own?
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PostSubject: Re: Updated Information Sheet   Updated Information Sheet EmptyMon May 09, 2011 12:02 pm

It's an interesting compromise, and while I haven't been mulling over it that much having seen it a long time ago before replying to it now makes me more easily accept the idea. Kokiri Village is already set up to be noncombat, so perhaps it should be more IC anyway. Not many people live there which was the reason it was left noncombat. And to my knowledge it is the only noncombat enforced area.
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PostSubject: Re: Updated Information Sheet   Updated Information Sheet Empty

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Updated Information Sheet
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