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 Sub-Board Suggestion

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PostSubject: Sub-Board Suggestion   Sub-Board Suggestion EmptyWed Jun 15, 2011 1:41 pm

If this board is going to become the main RP Hub for the server, I think it should be subdivided into sub boards for specific RP related topics. I logged back into an old NWN2 RP forum I used to frequent over a year ago and took a few pointers from their layout. Here are the sub boards I came up with:

Rules of Hyrule (aka the Sim Rules)
This isn't really a sub board but a stickied threat that lists the RP rules found in the welcome room in the Hyrule Sim. This is for people that want to quickly check the rules without having to port back to the welcome are or even log in to second life to check something before trying to do it.

Plus, if we promote the forums online (as in outside of Second Life), we may attract new role players that haven't even been on Second Life before. If I had known a Hyrule RP Sim/Group existed within Second Life a long time ago, I'd have joined right away! Very Happy And this will allow them to know the rules before downloading the game.

While everyone will be able to see this, only admins will be able to modify/add posts to the thread.

Role-playing Guides and Lore
Pretty straight forward. This sub board is for all the threads that deal with Hyrule lore and the races found within the land. You can also post guides to help beginning Role players get into character or give a few tips to veterans. Again, visible by all but only admins can create threads and submit posts. Users are permitted to submit suggestions on another sub board and admins can add what they agree with.

This is where the staff can post information on all up coming RP events. What the event details, when it's going to happen, etc. Only admins can create threads but other users are permitted to post on them. This is so they can ask questions or post whether or not they'll be available.

General Discussion
Essentially what Role-play Info and Discussion board is right now. It's a place for people to make OOC threads about the RP that is going on in game. Thoughts, kudos, suggestions, personal art work, and anything else that is OOC but deals with Hyrule RP.

In Character
Ah, my favorite sub board. This is where people can post things like their character's bio, journal, or type up posts about their character's current actions offline. For example, I can type up a post about Elv visiting the Milk Bar for the first time and trying to strike up conversation with someone else. Another player can then respond with their character or a member of the staff with one of their characters or even an NPC. Anyone who has text RPed knows what I'm talking about.

Also, unless clearly noted, all things posted here are considered open IC knowledge, meaning anyone that reads the post can say their character knows that information for one reason or another. But things in a character's bio or journal are not public knowledge unless the player should do something that allows it. For example, Elv starts writing a journal and freely shares it with someone else. Or someone manages to steal Elv's journal and reads it.

I would suggest dividing this sub board into three others: Biographies, Journals, Role-play.

Group Boards
This is for groups like the Hylian Knights and the Silver Blades. Users that are a part of the group are the only ones that can access their group's sub boards. This is so groups can plan/plot in private offline.

That's all I have for now. Thoughts, questions, suggestions? Feel free to post them. I just hope my ideas can be of use. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Sub-Board Suggestion   Sub-Board Suggestion EmptySun Jun 19, 2011 2:13 am

This all sounds like a good idea. I will get around to messing with it later and make a few forums.
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Sub-Board Suggestion
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