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 When to expect what

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When to expect what Empty
PostSubject: When to expect what   When to expect what EmptySat Jun 18, 2011 3:37 am

I had originally planned on releasing v1.4 before traveling this next week, but work has changed my plans. At any rate, I think this is wise anyway, because there is very often some bug or another that I cannot find until after I have released a product. The same goes for the melee updates, which are in fact finished, but unreleased. I will probably hold them until the release of v1.4.

Next on my agenda:

1. Script zrcs AI for Termina's chuchu.
2. Create a separate HUD and system for zrcs-users to play as enemies (this may take a while).
3.... Well, many things could go here. Ice and Fire Rods? Ice Arrows? More enemies? White-bordered hearts? Extended magic bar? Post whatever you would like for me to focus on.

I will be back to script in full-force in a little over a week. I'll log on later today to catch up on IMs and such, so if you need me, try to catch me before then.

Have a good week!

P.S. The Deku cannon will also be released with v1.4. A bug in v1.3 prevents the Deku cannon from working with it, which is why it has been delayed.
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When to expect what
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