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 New Hyrulean Era (Rules and other Info)

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New Hyrulean Era (Rules and other Info) Empty
PostSubject: New Hyrulean Era (Rules and other Info)   New Hyrulean Era (Rules and other Info) EmptyTue Jun 21, 2011 3:32 am

The New Hyrulean Era is an RP group dedicated to being what you want to be and simply having fun in the environment provided by Hyrule Staff. This Role Play is NOT associated in any way with the Sim Wide RP. Because of this, we ask that you try to keep the story and characters in Era separate from the Sim Wide RP. This will help avoid confusion and conflict between other RP groups as they form.

Plot: We go as the winds take us. A set plot though most likely is coming in the more near future.

Rules (may change and/or be updated at any time as these are still in an early phase):
1. No Canons without Approval. Approval must be obtained through Geminai Mills, Brache Spyker, or Ora Varthader at this time. Geminai is the primary contact for this RP Group until further notice.
With that said, We are not looking to assign any Canon Roles at this time. If we feel like we need a role filled, let us handle it. We would like to avoid canon characters other than what we already have assigned so far.
1a. Zelda, Link, and Gannondorf are dead. They aren't coming back. They have been dead since the first time this RP Group was alive, so we would rather they do not come back.
1b. Please do not have yourself related to a Canon without approval. We do have some people tied into Canon characters already due to the past with this RP's activity. We are trying to avoid having too much of this though as we move into the future.
1c. No Triforce of Power/Wisdom/Courage. Yes, the previous Triforce holders have passed on. The Goddesses have chosen NOT to pass on these triforce pieces to new holders at this time. If this changes you all will certainly know.

2. Out of Theme is allowed. One thing about this RP group is that we have always pulled ideas from other video games and genre's. If you wish to be from a different universe than the zelda universe, while visiting the zelda universe in character, we highly support this type of creativity. It keeps things interesting. What we don't like is too many crossovers in the plot itself. We don't need Heartless invading Hyrule, however, a key holder from the same video game visiting wouldn't be bad.

3. ZRCS is NOT required. I have found in the past that it was preferred in this group to PLAY OUT YOUR ATTACKS. If you choose to fight using the combat meter that's great, but all players involved in the fight must agree. Otherwise, don't be lazy, play out your moves.
This also means that you can use special HUD's (within sim rules) to enhance your role play experience, but it is preferred when you use these to still Play out in text what you are doing.

4. No Godmoding/Metagaming. This is a tough one. We are a more laid back RP but Godmoding and Metagaming are fairly basic rules of conduct in any RP. We DO have some overpowered players who are currently in RP staff positions for this group, but these powers are kept in check. We want you to be who you want to be. We don't want to restrict you and what powers you can and can't have. What we will not tolerate though is abusing overpowered characters. This will be dealt with as it comes up for now. If it becomes a problem, the rules may have to be adjusted.

5. As always, respect your fellow players.. You do not need to be any body's best friend. Your character can hate another with a passion for all we care. What we don't want to see though is tension between the players theirselves. Please, if you have a problem with anyone in regards to RP, take it to an Era staff member. If you have problems with a person in general/in-sim, take it to a Hyrule (Afredo sim) Staff member.

This RP is not meant to be tied in directly with the sim Staff, we just happen to have a few staff members interested in the free form RP. If you have concerns with something related to the Sim itself or the Main RP, please deal with it accordingly and not with this group.

We are currently in early stages of coming back to life. There will be learning as we go so expect rules to be updated/changed! Please allow some patience as things get under way. I will update staff positions for the group and list them here after we have a better idea of who WANTS to take responsibility with me on this who I have presented with those powers.

If you have any questions, concerns, ideas, or anything you would like to discuss in relation to this group... post here:
Geminai Mills can be contacted In-World for direct questions, but the discussion thread would be preferred at this time.
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New Hyrulean Era (Rules and other Info)
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